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Phrase of the Day
Languages live at Radio LíHospitalet de líInfant 107.9 fm

Each year, millions of visitors from many different countries visit the Costa Dorada. Therefore, communication in different languages is of great importance for everybody here Ė for the local hosts as well as for the guests.

As a language academy, Costalingua is part of a network that promotes communication in different languages. This year, for example, we work together with the local radio, 107.9 fm.

Every day, LíHospitaletís local radio station 107.9 fm broadcasts a Phrase of the Day written by Costalingua. Our native teachers say the same sentence in 5 languages, in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, and German.

These are every-day phrases which can be helpful for example for attending customers in restaurants and shops. But guests, too, will find it useful being able to order a meal in Spanish or buying fresh fish in Catalan. Thatís more fun, and once the ice is broken, an interesting conversation may follow. And who knows, the tiny language tapas may stimulate the appetite for moreÖ

During the summer, guests in LíHospitalet de líInfant will hear our teachers read the weekly agenda on 107.9 fm in the same languages. With this service the village informs guests and the local population about their interesting entertainment program (culture, sports, etc.) for the whole family.

Read and listen to our Phrases of the Day!

Have fun listening and reading our language tapas.

Interview at Radio LíHospitalet de líInfant 107.9 fm (February 2013)
Listen to an interview with the director of Costalingua Language Academy, Dr. Annalisa Rei, about studying languages at Costalingua.