Special Fun for Kids
If you are travelling with children, you will immediately notice that LíHospitalet de líInfant is a child-friendly place. The beaches are sandy and gently sloping, ideally suited for bathing with small children. Along the sea-shore promenade several well-equipped and safe playgrounds invite you to stop for a bit of fun. Of course, children are always welcome in restaurants, which are well equipped with childrenís seats and offer their favorite menus. Equally, the village of líHospitalet organizes special activities for children during the tourist season. Below you will find a few suggestions for activities with kids, both in LíHospitalet and in the environs. For the updated schedule of children's activities please consult the brochure issued by LíHospitalet de líInfantís Tourism Office.
For a comprehensive list of suggestions for activities with children in the region, we recommend www.sortirambnens.com